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This User Agreement ("Agreement") is valid between REA VENTURES BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ ("Company"), the legal owner of the website https://reaven.tech ("Site"), and the member who wishes to purchase products and services through the Site and upload content to the areas provided on the Site, hereinafter referred to as the "Member" or "User," in order to benefit from the products and services provided by the Company through the Site. It regulates the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Site by Users and the products and services provided by the Company within the scope of this Site.


1. Membership: For the User to use the Site and product services, it is necessary to create an account first. The registration process on the Site is completed by entering the necessary information on the registration page and setting a user password. The User can change their username and password at any time. It is prohibited for the User to: (i) Select and use someone else's username with the intention of impersonating them, (ii) Use a username that belongs to someone else without their permission, (iii) Use a username that the Company determines and acknowledges, at its sole discretion, to contain defamation, obscenity, attacks on personal rights, and non-compliance with applicable laws. The Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes in advance that they have the legal capacity to use the products and services provided on the Site and to access the Site, and that they assume all kinds of responsibility for the selection, use, and access to the Site. If there is a reasonable doubt that the provided information does not meet the mentioned elements or if the Company suspects, with reasonable grounds, that the information provided by you does not meet these elements; membership and/or product and services may be suspended, and the provided products and services and/or membership may be restricted or canceled.

2. Account: The Member is responsible for keeping their username and password information confidential. The Member cannot disclose this information to third parties or make it available for third-party use. In addition, if the Member learns that their information is being used without authorization, they will immediately notify the Company. The Company has the right to prevent the Member's access to the Site and/or terminate their Membership to prevent unauthorized use. The Company is not responsible for any third-party access to the password of the profile(s) opened by the Member, and because of this, any loss of data, documents, images, videos, and unwanted data, documents, images, videos added to the account.

3. Use of the Site and Services: The Company allows the opening of trial accounts for other services and products owned by the Company.

4. Shared Information and Content: Members, by accepting this Agreement, acknowledge that the use of information and content they share while using the Site and Services will comply with this Agreement, and at the same time: - Will not violate the intellectual (copyright) and industrial property rights of third parties, - Will not use the personal data of any real person in violation of the law and without permission, - Will not be contrary to the Turkish Penal Code Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunu, 5651 Sayılı İnternet Ortamında Yapılan Yayınların Düzenlenmesi ve Bu Yayınlar Yoluyla İşlenen Suçlarla Mücadele Edilmesi Hakkında Kanun (the Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed Through These Publications No. 5651) and other applicable legislation, - Will not be contrary to general morality, conscience, public order, and public decency, and will not constitute a crime and/or misdemeanor.

5. Restrictions: Some of the information and content not accepted for use on the Site and the actions and behaviors not accepted while using the Site are listed below: (a) It is not allowed to use or create any content that is contrary to 5816 sayılı Atatürk Aleyhine İşlenen Suçlar Hakkında Kanun (Law No. 5816 on Crimes Committed Against Atatürk) and that defames and belittles the fundamental values of the Republic of Turkey and Atatürk. (b) Fraud: The Site and Services cannot be used for fraudulent purposes. (c) Insult - Harassment: While using the Site, it is obligatory to act within the framework of rules of respect, and it is prohibited for Members to share information and content that exceed the framework of respect. In addition, it is not allowed to engage in activities such as insult, threat, harassment, attack on private life and personal rights, discriminatory and the disclosure and use of personal data of other members (including name, address, IP information, web, email, newsgroup addresses, etc.). (d) Obscenity and Pornography: No form of pornography is allowed. Photos, images, or writings displaying sexual acts, especially child/adolescent nudity, pornography, any kind of child sexual exploitation, or images and publications that promote or resemble them are strictly prohibited. Also, the use and creation of information and content considered obscene by the Turkish Penal Code are not allowed. (e) Drugs and Narcotics: Promotion, marketing, recommendation, facilitation of use, and provision of information and content of all kinds of substances falling under prescription drugs as well as addictive substances classified as narcotics or stimulants are not allowed. (f) Incitement to Violence and Suicide: Information and content that direct, encourage, contain violence, and incite to violence or direct people to commit suicide are strictly prohibited. Therefore, content containing images and publications that pose serious concerns for human psychology, such as injuring, killing, dismembering, brutality in any form, or directing people to commit suicide, is not allowed. (g) Weapons and Explosives: The use and creation of information and content related to illegal weapons or explosive substance production, marketing, introduction, encouragement, or use are not allowed. (h) Gambling, Contests, Betting: Without obtaining prior written permission from us; commercial activities, promotions, and/or sales used and created for gambling, or providing a place and opportunity for gambling and/or playing gambling games are not allowed. (i) It is prohibited to use the products, services, and the Site itself for any illegal or prohibited activities, to harm third parties and the Company, and to use them in a way that violates any right of the Company or a third party (including intellectual and industrial property rights).(j) It is prohibited to reproduce, publish, make publicly available, sell, sublicense, or exploit in any way, directly or indirectly, the processes and source codes of the service and the Site, including but not limited to licenses, software, and content related to the service and the Site.(k) It is prohibited to use information and content belonging to third parties without obtaining the consent of the relevant person. In this context, it is prohibited to save, imitate, modify, distribute, or store information and content shared by other Members, and it is prohibited to share this information and content through other channels, both within and outside the Site. In case the information and/or content shared by the User: (a) Violates any of the points mentioned here, and/or (b) Infringes the rights of third parties, and/or (c) Complaint and/or removal request is received indicating that it is disturbing/inappropriate/objectionable, and/or (d) A competent judicial or administrative authority (such as the Access Providers Association) requests removal, and/or (e) Becomes the subject of any judicial or administrative investigation; In this case, the Company has the right to remove the said information and content from the Site and to suspend or terminate the User's membership - without the need for any warning or permission, and without waiting for any final court decision. In this case, the Company will have no liability towards the User.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights: All rights, title, and interest in and to the Site, products, services, software used, all software, source codes embedded in the Site, technical information, all copies of the Site, products, and services, all derivative/processing works thereof, the name, brand, logo, trademarks, and intellectual and industrial property rights of the Company exclusively belong to the Company. The User cannot use the name, brand, logos, or any other intellectual or industrial property of the Company without the prior written permission of the Company. Members are personally responsible for any violations of the Company's intellectual and industrial property rights. License Granted by the Company to the User: The Company grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable license that can be canceled during the membership period. The license granted to the User will terminate automatically in case of termination of membership due to reasons such as the termination of membership by the User for violation of this Agreement, etc. Third Party Intellectual Property Rights: Care must be taken to protect the intellectual and industrial property rights of others. In this context, if a Member violates the intellectual and industrial property rights of others and shares, copies, uses, publishes, distributes, reproduces, or makes it public in a way that will cause a violation, the Company has the right to remove the content subject to violation from the Site - without the need for any warning or permission - and to suspend or terminate the membership of the User. Members are personally responsible for any violations of the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties and any damages arising from such violations.

7. Legal Responsibility: Members are solely and exclusively responsible for the information and content they upload, transmit, and publish to others through the Site. Members are personally responsible for all legal and criminal sanctions directed against Members by judicial authorities, legal authorities, competent associations, or rights holders that exceed the limitations specified in this Agreement. In this context, the Company has no legal or contractual liability. The Member is personally responsible for obtaining and maintaining the equipment or auxiliary services necessary to enter and connect to the Site. Members acknowledge and declare in advance that all information and content to be shared by themselves or by third parties to be shared, both by themselves and by third parties, will comply with this Agreement and legal regulations. In this context, Members will review the information and content made by third parties, and they themselves will decide whether to publish or not, and the Company has no responsibility in this regard.

8. Disclaimer of Warranties: The Site and Services subject to this Agreement are provided "as is" and "as available". The Company does not provide any express or implied warranties in any way, including but not limited to, the suitability of the Site, products, and services for a particular commercial activity or special purpose; whether it will partially or completely meet the User's requirements; its uninterrupted continuity; its updating, functionality; and being free from errors, defects, delays, faults, interactions, or typographical errors. The User knowingly uses the Site, products, and services knowing that no guarantee has been given by the Company regarding the quality and performance of the Site, products, and services, including those mentioned in this article.

9. Changes: The Company may change the content of the Site, products, and services when it deems necessary, and may temporarily suspend or completely stop the Site, products, and services. The Company will have no liability to the Member for any changes made to the content of the Site, products, and services, temporary suspension, or complete termination of them.

10. Responsibility: The Company is not responsible to the User for any damages and losses arising from the use of the Site, products, and services by the User or Members.

11. Provisions: The Company has the unilateral right to amend this Agreement by publishing the revised text on the Site and informing the Users using registered contact information (such as email, written notification, or equivalent method). The revised version of the User Agreement will take effect as of the date of notification to the Users.

12. The Member declares and undertakes that the legal books and records of the Parties, microfilm, microfiche, computer records, e-mail, and fax messages belonging to the Parties related to this Agreement will be binding, final, and exclusive evidence in accordance with HMK. 193 (Article 193 of the Turkish Code of Civil Procedure).

13. All disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of this Agreement between the Parties and which cannot be resolved through mutual negotiations will be subject to Turkish Law.


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